Our Process



Just like your business - your goals are unique. That's why the first step we take is exploring your vision. We'll consult you on the overall message of your brand. We'll take note of the final platform the video will be presented on. Finally, we'll brainstorm various video concepts and options on how to convey your message.



This is where we pull out the ''big-guns''... The 4k cameras, the lighting, the pro audio gear and everything else necessary for top-notch video production. Video production is all about capturing the magic. For animated videos, the team grinds away behind computers bringing your project to life.



After we've laid out the conceptual framework of the project it's time to fill it up with practical details. This includes planning your shooting locations, video scripts, storyboarding, and other details. Think of pre-production as creating a clear structure for reaching your production goals.



We've shot the material and we move to post. This is where we edit the videos to make them pop. The editing process is where the rookies get separated from the content kings. Editing is bringing all the elements together and packaging it in a slick way.


Distribution & Upload

Phew...Finally, we can start distributing your video content... But wait a minute! Each platform is different. That is why we'll adjust the video to your platform of choice: whether it's Instagram, Facebook or your personal blog we'll make sure it fits there 100% organically. We recognise that multichannel marketing is ultra-effective, and we'll adjust the content so you can share it EVERYWHERE.


The ultimate creative direction will always be in your hands. We'll ensure 100% open communication lines from start to finish. If at any stage of the video production process any questions or ideas arise, we won’t hesitate to answer your emails, or take your calls. Heck, we’ll even answer your text messages. We won’t be satisfied until you are!

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