Types of Videos.

We create videos for businesses and startups of all shapes and sizes, for a host of different reasons. From explainer and how-to videos, to marketing and promotional material and everything in between. To get a better idea of how our video production studio can help your business, check out the various video types we create, in the list below.


If you're keen to chat about an idea you've been working on, reach out to us directly.If you're still undecided, then feel free to check out the rest of the services we provide.  



  • Explainers

  • How-to Videos and Tutorials

  • Training and Induction videos

  • Internal Communication


  • Influencer Videos

  • Marketing and promotional content

  • Product Launches & Promotional Videos

  • Social media videos

  • Web Commercials



  • Conference Presentations 

  • Corporate retreat filming and editing

  • Corporate Video

  • Customer Testimonials

Markets, sectors and niches

  • Conference and Awards Highlights

  • Banking and Finance

  • E-learning

  • Event Highlights

  • Financial Reporting

  • Non Profit videos

  • Music videos

  • Property and Real Estate 

  • Restaurants and Nightlife vignettes

  • Retail Specials

  • Safety and induction

  • Sports Events

  • Surgical Procedures

  • Training and education

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