Meet your Content Team

Production Manager

Oversees the production team to make sure the results match your vision perfectly.


Puts your imagination down on paper. Creates graphics for your video based on the style of your brand.

Video Manager

Your point of contact. Provides updates and takes your feedback, to assure your production goals are met.


Makes the illustrations come alive! Adds quirks and dynamics that capture an audience.

Creative Director

Manages creative direction to ensure your project is original and impactful from the first frame.

Sound Engineer

Every sound counts. From music to effects - the sound engineer takes your video to another level with powerful sound design and mixing.

Script Writer

Writes mouth-watering scripts: designed to engage, entertain and affect your audience.

Voice Over Artist

Delivers the script in any tone of voice or accent you'd prefer.

The               Promise

Premium Content

Priority Support

Custom Branding

Commercial Rights

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